What is the REMA Showcase?

The REMA Showcase is a showcase for young European artists which takes place every two years. It is a unique opportunity for young talents of early music to present themselves in front of a broad selection of early music directors, representatives of conservatoires, concert promoters, music researchers, musicologists, instrument-makers, editors, publishers, recording executives, the media, students, and the general public.

Selected ensembles

On the occasion of our first Summit, REMA has selected no less than five ensembles!
On Friday 20 November and Saturday 21 November, the participants can enjoy the videos of the programme they created for the Showcase, and engage in chat sessions with the artists.

A Bohemian Serenade
Formed at the Royal College of Music in London, the Consone Quartet were rewarded by several prizes and schemes: including the 2016 Royal Over-Seas League Ensemble Prize, and the EUBO Development Trust Prize and a place in ‘EEEmerging’ during the 2015 York Early Music International Young Artists Competition ; they are BBC New Generation Artists for the 2019-2021 season. They released their debut CD, featuring Haydn and Mendelssohn, in 2018 (Ambronay). The Consone Quartet and Alon Sariel met through the Eeemerging programme.

Alon Sariel Mandolin
Agata Daraskaite Violin
Magdalena Loth-Hill Violin
Elitsa Bogdanova Viola
George Ross Cello

Baroque (Re)constructed
The members of Postscript met in 2014 during their studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Postscript was formed in 2018, when they were joined by David Westcombe, and won the first prize at the international Brothers Graun Competition in 2018. In June 2019 they recorded their first CD, INTRODVCTIO (TRPTK), which has been very well-received by traditional and new media. They share a passion for experimenting new ways to approach old music, and for engaging the audience to feel at ease and close to the action.

Aysha Wills Traverso
David Westcombe Traverso
Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde Cello
Artem Belogurov Harpsichord/Fortepiano

Le Grand Tour de la Petite Ecurie
La Petite Écurie met during the Festival Musica Antica in Urbino in 2018. After playing together with great enthusiasm at the baroque music course of Alfredo Bernardini, they decided to form together an oboe-band in its smallest form, which consists of two oboes, one taille, one bassoon and percussion. Since then, they have been asked to perform together all over Europe.

Miriam Jorde Hompanera oboe
Valerie Colen Oboe
Marc Bonastre Riu – Taille
Giovanni Battista Graziadio Bassoon
Philipp Lamprecht Percussion

The secrets of Andalusia
Lux Musicae London was formed in 2014 to explore the musical transition from the Renaissance to the Early Baroque. With a diverse instrumentation (harp, lute, recorders, voices and viol), they approach text and melody through expressivity and rhetorics, to connect the visual arts, poetry and philosophy with the music of the turbulent sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In 2016 they were finalists in the Concours international des Journées de Musiques Anciennes in Paris and participated in the BREMF Live! Scheme 2016/17. For this programme they collaborate with virtuosos Ignacio Lusardi (flamenco guitar) and Julian Harris (oud).

Roberta Diamond Soprano
Daniel Thomson Tenor
Sophie Creaner Recorders
Mirjam-Luise Münzel Recorders
Harry Buckoke Viola da Gamba
Aileen Henry Harp
Toby Carr Lute
Ignacio Lusardi Flamenco Guitar
Julian Harris Oud

The Symphony at Home: Revitalising 19th-century transcriptions
Using both modern and period instruments, Pocket Sinfonia recreates the atmosphere of 19th-century living room parties, where the intimacy of a chamber music performance could be applied to orchestral-scale pieces, via 19th century transcriptions, and their own arrangements. For this, the ensemble has been awarded the Audience Prize at the 2019 St Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Music Competition, were a 2018 London International Festival of Early Music’s Young Ensemble Competition finalist, and were in the BREMF Live! Scheme in 2018-2019.

Rosie BowkerFlute
Eleanor Corr Violin
Thomas Isaac Cello
Emil Duncumb Piano/Fortepiano